Leadership Seminar: A course designed for experienced mid-level managers and department heads. The focus of this seminar is to apply management skills to real world problem solving. The course includes three days of onsite instruction with the two days consisting of instruction in critical thinking, problem solving, communication and team building. The third day is devoted to presentation of individual or team projects. The attendees will have access to the instructor via phone, Skype or other means during the time they are working on their projects.

Maximum Number of Students:  15

Supervisory Development:
A course that is intended for new and veteran first line supervisors or individuals who are believed to have demonstrated the skills required for a supervisory role. This course covers topics such as leadership styles, personality types, communication skills, coaching skills, disciplining employees and the legal responsibilities of a supervisor. Attendees will participate in various role plays and hands on exercises as part of the classroom experience and they will be required to complete learning assignments between classes. The class will meet four hours per session/one day per week/ every other week until the six sessions are completed.  

Maximum Number of Students:  15



Team Building: A two day class that takes participants through the habits of both healthy and unhealthy teams along with how to achieve a healthy functioning team. The course includes problem solving exercises and role playing.

Maximum Number of Students: 20               Course Length: Two Days      

Organizational Studies:
A variety of services that can be grouped according to the results of a client needs assessment.  The services that are available include, Employee Surveys, SWOT Analysis and Strategic Planning.  A consultation session is conducted on site and the cost of the consultation session can be applied as a credit to the total cost of the organizational study.



How to Give the Customer Service You Wish to Receive:  In this course students examine the components of good customer service from the customer’s perspective and they examine the barriers to providing high quality customer service. The course examines the human and environmental barriers to providing quality customer service along with strategies to overcome the barriers. The course requires students to participate in role playing and case studies related to external and internal customers.

Maximum Number of Students:  15            Class Length: 6.0 Hours




The Effective Presentation: This course is focused on enabling participants to evaluate and improve their presentation skills. The class focusses on the importance of proper planning for a presentation and includes hands on exercises that will expose the participants to different types of presentations. How to handle questions, objections and interruptions during a presentation are also built into the hands on exercises.   

Maximum Number of Students:15               Class Length: 6.0 Hours 




Navigating Organizational Change

This course examines the organizational environment during times of major change and provides students with skills to adjust to those changes.  Change management requires understanding the perspective of the organization and the people impacted by the change.  This course focuses on helping people understand the need for change and how to best adjust in order to achieve a successful outcome for both themselves and the organization. 

Maximum Number of Students: 15       Course Length: 6.0 Hours




Conflict Resolution: Conflict Resolution is a course which provides participants with the opportunity to develop a better understanding of how conflicts develop, how they can be prevented and be defused.  The class is a combination of lecture and role play activities that will enable the participants to identify a conflict, the types of conflicts and resolve communication issues.  

Maximum Number of Students: 15        Course Length:  6.0 Hours



Ethics in Organizatons: A key component to workplace ethics and behavior is integrity or being honest and also doing the right thing at all times. In this course we address professional ethics in the workplace. This course can be adapted to fit existing client ethics policy.  

Maximum Number of Students:  15          Course Length: 6.0 Hours



Management Theory:  Management theory addresses how managers and supervisors relate to their to their organizations in the knowledge of its goals, the implementation of effective means to get the goals accomplished and how to motivate employees to perform to the hightest standard. 

Maximum Number of Students: 15      Course Length: 6.0 Hours


Millennials: Engaging Today's Workforce Effectively  Who are the Millennials? You may have heard them depicted as the pampered, entitled, disinterested generation, but to the contrary, this is a misguided stereotype. No doubt, they have a different world view than the current workforce generations. Millennials have unique characteristics, values and expectations that if capitalized upon, make them excellent employees. In this course, we explore those characteristics, look at what Millennials want from work and provide insight into how to best lead them to optimize teamwork, productivity, and the overall organizational function.  

Maximum Number of Students:  15            Course Length:  6.0 Hours


Organizational Behavior: This course applies psychological principles or organizational behavior and the experimental analysis of behavior to organizations to improve individual and group performance and worker safety.  The areas of application may include: systems analysis, management, training and performance improvement. 

Maximum Number of Students: 15               Course Length: 6.0 Hours

The World of Work: Bad Behavior and a negative attitude at work may be more common than in the past. This course is designed for employees who are new to the workplace and require help in understanding typical workplace expectations. This course can be adapted to fit existing client policy. 

Maximum Number of Students: 15               Course Length: 6.0 Hours

Workplace Violence Training: A course that is designed to inform employees from all levels of the organization about the causes of workplace violence and enable them to identify potential violent situations before violence occurs. The course also provides instruction and tactics that can be used to defuse potentially violent situations.

Maximum Number of Students: 15              Course Length: 6.0 Hours  

*An Emergency Response Plan can be written as part of Workplace Violence  Training after a consultation with the client. The consultation fee can be used to reduce the cost of developing an Emergency Response Plan.



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